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The Ocean’s Accomplice is the first book in my YA fantasy-adventure trilogy Generation 77. You can check it out on here, or you can sit tight and read the back cover copy:


“Would you kill a stranger for thirty thousand?”

To eighteen-year-old Syamo Hintsmore, who grew up in the streets of the city Cloy, that’s not a half-bad deal. He knew from the beginning that bounty hunting had its dangers, but he wasn’t looking for them from the inside.

The simple assassination job takes a sinister plunge when Hintsmore discovers that the person his boss wants him to kill is a mysterious individual known as Generation Seventy-Seven: the prophesied rescuer of humanity. There are no safe choices. Refusing to work as the Ocean’s Accomplice could mean instant death, and one mistake could secure the annihilation of humankind on the planet Melriana. Hintsmore has never considered himself to be a good person, and thirty thousand is a huge sum–but if he doesn’t stand up for his people, will anyone else?


I am currently working on the sequel, The Shimes Mission: a kindhearted teenager discovers that he alone can prevent genocide, but the people he is supposed to save killed everyone he knew.


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