About Me (Obviously)


Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one staring at the screen. I’ve got something for you.

[Highly conspicuous whispering.] What? They came here for the About page? Oh, yeah.

[In a normal voice.] Heh heh. Sorry about that. Now where were we? Oh, right. The intro.

Well hello there. I’m Victoria Buck, and this is my blog. I am incredibly blessed to be an author, a Christ-follower, and an adventure-haver. I write fast-paced YA fantasy novels, and I have so much crazy fun that I want to let you in on it.

Basically, I’ll edit out the boring parts and just tell you about the adventures (yes, you already picked up on that from the name, and you’re a genius. I know. Get over it.)

[More highly conspicuous whispering.] Yeah, yeah, I’ll tell them. Sheesh.

[Back to you.] For your personal information, this blog is about fiction, not about useful things. If you came here expecting to learn how to can green beans or do karate or dye your cat red or accomplish something along those useful lines, please go somewhere else and be happy.

Read a nonfiction blog. I love them. I read approximately fourteen of them on a regular basis.

But … if you came here to have fun (such as jump into a foreign world or meet a few wacko/funny/interesting/[fictional] people, laugh at the sometimes  foolish gallivants of Yours Truly, or otherwise have a general good time), then welcome aboard! This blog is for you.

I blog about what I’m writing. Yes, I realize that sounds redundant. But stories aren’t just writing.

The whole experience is an adventure. So far, writing-related experimentation has made me:

1) Paint my face black with soot on a lazy Saturday when no one was supposed to drop by for a visit (that stuff doesn’t come off easy, folks).

2) Eavesdrop on the weirdest conversations imaginable in the name of research (“Did you hear they found another leg in the river?”).

3) Meet some amazing people and ask them obscure questions (“By the way, how long would it take a Medieval sailing ship to cross the Pacific in the autumn?”).

4) Do some other things that most people wouldn’t believe, so I put it in a book and call it fiction.

So there you have it. My life is an adventure, and so is yours.

If you enjoy my writing, keep reading and tell a friend.

If you think my writing is boring, be a dear and tell me. Boringness is the bane of, well, lots of otherwise decent stuff. Oatmeal, for example.

If you hate my writing … my condolences.

But really, if you see something here not to your liking, don’t hesitate to let me know.

This blog is for you, and I want you to have the best experience ever.


Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14



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