Hello everyone! I am so excited to share with you my first public character interview. This is an exclusive conversation with 14-year-old Monsakun, the comic relief and one of my personal favorite characters in my upcoming novel, The Shimes Mission. I hope you enjoy it!


“Hello, there. What’s your name?”


“Is that your full name?”

“Yeah, that’s my full name. Oh, you mean long name? Oh. Sorry. Monsakun. But call me Mons.”

“What is your ethnicity?”


“What country are you from?”

“I’m a Conquean by blood, but I’ve grown up on Keynoni, raised by a Seamassian. I speak two and a half languages. I’m hungry. Do you happen to have any food around?”

“Um, not really …”

“No? All right. What, now?”

“What family members do you have?”

“Well, there’s my brother, Reno. He’s a pretty good kid. And then there’s Menlabi. He raised us, but he’s not our actual parent. But we don’t mind.”

“What friends do you have?”

“I have a ton of friends. I’ve actually never talked to anybody who didn’t like me. Well, take that back … there was that lady we stole some tomatoes from … and the man whose shoes got some fish in them … and the poor gentleman whose hat was snaked. And then there was the lady we threw the tomatoes at that we got from the lady we stole them from … So yeah, I have a lot of friends.”

“How about enemies?”

“I have some of those, too, but I’ve never met them. They killed my mother, and my father too, we imagine, when I was a baby. Menlabi doesn’t know or won’t tell us why. He thinks it’s political.”

“Whom do you admire in life?”

“I admire Menlabi, and I like my brother Reno, but I don’t really admire him. He thinks he’s smarter than me just because he’s half an hour or so older.”

“Would you consider your brother your friend?”

“Oh, yeah. He’s just great to play tricks on people with. You should have seen the time we changed clothes and got free food four times. And when stuff like that happens, each of us gets only half the blame, because Menlabi assumes we’re both responsible. It’s not always true, but it evens out over time.”

“All right. How would you describe your outlook on life?”

“Oh, I like it. It’s fun. And funny. And I like people, and playing tricks on people, and laughing at them, or at me, or at other funny things. I like being funny, because I don’t mean to, but I’m pretty funny, because enough people have told me. Also, some people say I can’t shut up, so, to prove them wrong, I explain how quiet I am for the next half an hour or so.”


“Are you hungry? I sure am.”

“Let’s stay on task here. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?”

“I don’t know. I’m happy enough. If I could change anything, though, I’d let Menlabi go back and see his family. And I’d let Reno know who his parents (our parents, actually) are. I mean, I’d like to know, too, to but it just doesn’t bother me the way it does him.”

“How are you viewed by others?”

“A funny person, I think. Most people think I’m pretty nice, except for the ones I play jokes on. But they usually get over it sometime when they’re laughing at how funny I am and then realize that it’s the same kid who tomatoed them the other day.”

“Could you describe your appearance?”

“Well, sister, let me tell you, I look pretty amazing. I’d look even better if I weren’t a little hungry right now, you know?”

“Please answer the question, Mons.”

“Right. I’m good-looking. I’m lean, tough, and strong. I don’t know about my posture. Menlabi always made me stand up straight, but I slouch just thinking about a chair. My eyes are particularly handsome. They’re sky-blue and full of trouble. My nose is nice and freckled and swoops up a little all along it. It’s shockingly debonair. My mouth is nice and strong with a little crookedness in the grin that the girls just flip for. My hair is coppery and really to die for. I have some freckles here and there. Told you I looked amazing.”

“Do you have any scars?”

“Not any good ones. Which I’ll have to work on, since chicks dig scars.”

“Right. How would you describe yourself overall?”

“A nice, shockingly good-looking person who occasionally plays madly clever tricks on folks but is really nice and likes food.”

“Do you have any special belongings?”

“I have an insect collection.”

“Do you read?”

“I read some of Reno’s dictionaries to use the words. I don’t care if I get them right or not. If I get them wrong, it’s even funnier, especially to see how mad it makes Reno.”

“What activities do you enjoy?”

“I like just knocking around town and getting into trouble or fun or whatever is interesting.”

“What annoys you?”

“Being serious about stuff that doesn’t need to be serious. But I won’t stay annoyed long. I’ll make a joke about you, a serious one, and then you’ll be the annoyed one. It’s great fun.”

“What was the most traumatic event that you remember?”

“Once I got caught by the police for stealing fruit, and it actually wasn’t me that time, and I thought I’d go to jail and go rotten there, but somebody had seen it and fixed it. But that had me all little feeling.”

“If you could succeed at one thing, what would it be?”

“Hm. I’m not sure. Maybe I would want to run faster than anyone? Or be the strongest? I don’t really care. I’m pretty happy how I am.”

“Just one more, and we’ll wrap it up. Finish this sentence: you are the kind of person who …”

“I’m the kind of person who is always joking, but who really cares about you because you’re a person, and that’s the only reason why. Are you sure there’s nothing to eat?”


Thanks for reading! I hope you had fun meeting Mons. He had fun yacking about himself, or so he told me.

Would you rather see another character interview or something different, like a book excerpt? Please let me know in the comments.


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